• Late New Year’s Post

    Late New Year’s Post

    I am aware that it’s beeen a long time since I have posted anything here and the last time it’s been only a photo of one of the many Václav Havel, memorials, but I simply couldn’t find any time to write. First there were Christmas and visit to my parents, then a meeting with ex-schoolmates […]

  • Múzy kus at Tolkiencon

    Múzy kus at Tolkiencon

    So far, the last concert of the Múzy kus band took place on this Saturday at TolkienCon. However,this Saturday happened not only to be their first concert of this year, but also the day when their singer Anna celebrated her birthday. For that reason, there was something special on the whole event. The convention itself […]

  • Múzy kus for the third time

    Múzy kus for the third time

    The pre-Christmas concert of the Múzy kus band was not only about Christmas mood, but also about some sort of completeness. For the first time they have shown themselves as the entire group in public – Drak, Ainé, Bára, Vojta, Wang and Františka with her narrating. This time Ainé wasn’t in Romania or in Mexico; […]

  • Múzy kus second concert in Balbínka

    Múzy kus second concert in Balbínka

    They say that every cloud has a silver lining. In this particular case, that silver lining was a concert of the band Múzy kus. It was an unplanned concert, but the guitarist of the previously announced band had some accident and cut off his finger, and guitarist without finger …. well, he can’t play. Late […]

  • Múzykus in Balbínka

    Múzykus in Balbínka

    Photos from the first concert of the Múzykus band.