• HRAJ LARP 2014  in pictures – Sanatorium

    HRAJ LARP 2014  in pictures – Sanatorium

    This is a fragment of an article from the old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website. The year 2014 is ending and I bring you photos from two more larps hosted by HRAJ LARP: The Operating System and The Followers. Both of them ran in December and thus joined many other […]

  • Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Witchcraft, fate, riches, power… that and more could be found in this Polish larp. I’m sure, I’ve missed a lot – no matter that it was a foreigner-friendly larp, there still were some language barriers. Therefore, I won’t speak much about the game – my photographs should speak instead. Anyway, I’m not saying that the […]

  • St. Wenceslas Shooters Festival

    St. Wenceslas Shooters Festival

    Let me say that I‘d never heard of this event before and was invited to document it as a bonus to the Battle of Lipany. I got a phone call asking me to come to Lipany in the beginning of spring and when I agreed I was also invited here – to a competition of […]

  • Gdansk


    I‘m trying to take care of the backlog (even more with English version of the texts). Last year I’ve been on a week-long business trip in Polish Gdansk.I only managed to take a couple pictured, but it took me more than a year to process and publish them. I was sort of forced to process […]

  • Equilibrium


    Equilibrium is a steampunk adventure chamber larp, set in Victorian England during the Irish resistance period. Our heroes are meeting at the “Cogwheel” public house. Each of them is from a different environment, with different motivations, but with a shared goal – to get the mysterious Equilibrium. So much for the official annotation from the […]

  • Cien Años de Soledad

    Cien Años de Soledad

    I was thinking very hard about what to say about this game. But over the week that passed since the larp took place I found out that I didn’t need to write anything. The players wrote more than enough about it. So i‘ve decided to use a short dream list from Aurelian Buendi, played and […]

  • Pirates at Bezkrálí

    Pirates at Bezkrálí

    After multiple years Bezkrálíreturned. I’d attended this larp even before it had a name and when it was a just a side project at our New Year’s party. I’ve attended Bezkrálí as a player, NPC, GM and a photographer over the years. Bezkrálí hasn’t had much luck with me as a photographer. It lived thought […]

  • The Battle of the Five Armies

    The Battle of the Five Armies

    It was a very long time between my visit to Battle of the Five Armies 2015 and the last one I’ve visited before. If I remember correctly I was 1999. It would be a very, very long list of things that changed in the meantime, and there is no need for that. But I will […]

  • Hail at Lipany

    Hail at Lipany

    Not only did a few dozen swordsmen decide to go on a rampage at this year’s Battle of Lipany, but also the weather decided to be crazy. It has begun with really hot summer temperatures, when almost everyone tried to stay in shades and drink a lot of fluids. But that wasn’t enough; exactly when […]

  • Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Towards the end of 2014 I found out that there is a photography exhibition in London called Drawn by Light based on The Royal Photographic Societycollection. Considering what I knew of the collection’s content, I just needed to see it, I simply couldn’t resist. So I tried to ask around to find someone who is […]