• Craft and Vision for the second time

    EBooks that aren’t in Czech republic – that’s how you can describe the publication I’m writing about. If I went to any local bookstore looking for photography books, I would not be able but to wonder if everyone want only books like Tutorial to Wedding photography, Street photography in ten easy steps, Mastering time, aperture […]

  • Craft and Vision for the first time

    Craft & Vision is a project and a web from David duChemin, production – I have already written about two of his books „Within the Frame“ and „Visionmongers.“ Craft & Vision is also the place where the eBooks written by David and other authors are sold. These eBooks have something between twenty and forty pages and […]

  • Too many things, too little time

    Too many things, too little time

    I can’t catch up, I can’t manage, it already should have been done – I’m talking about a small photo book in which I would like to show how LARP looks in the Czech Republic. Originally, it’s a school assignment which slightly exceeded the limits of the original intention and gained the delay. Moreover, I need […]

  • Within the Frame

    Today, I am going to write not only about the photographs, but also about the ways to photography. David duChemin is a man representing one particular photographic way which he introduces in his workshops and his books. I plan to write about his first book,  Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, which has […]

  • Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

    Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

    About two months ago, Creative Live organized free on-line course with David duChemin as the teacher. Actually, they organize much more free on-line courses, with other amazing teachers, for example Zack Arias or Jasmine Star; they don’t limit themselves to photography, they are interested in all areas of creativity. And I can recommend this and […]