• Bretagne II.

    Bretagne II.

    I have already written about my frantic trip to Bretagne. Today it’ll be about my Bretagne visit itself. I was very thankful for my guide Boru, not only because my French or Breton are not worth a damn. She is from Prague and she is currently studying in Rennes. I arrived to Rennes shortly before […]

  • Bretagne

    I’ve been paying less attention to this site for some time. I was writing my final paper for the Prague Photography School and it took almost all of my time. I used all the time I was able to save upto shoot the Taverna Ball, and only the eagerly waiting audience made me do the […]

  • The frantic trip

    The frantic trip

    When I was planning my trip to Bretagne, I saw it as a pleasant trip without any hurry. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I imagined that 70 minutes for the transfer between the airplane and TGV would be a sufficient amount of time. Well, I was warned that according to some Internet […]