• Photo Paris 2013

    Photo Paris 2013

    It isn’t even a month since I visited Rome and I’ve gone to Paris. I was walking around Paris with a cane – I’d managed to hurt my ankle in Rome, and while it was getting better, it’s better safe than sorry. This time I took a plane, because it’s cheaper when you’re travelling alone […]

  • Paris Photo

    Paris Photo

    I have already thought about visiting Paris Photo, but when the French officialy announced the date of this year’s event, it was inevitable. I couldn’t resist so I decided to go there. The exhibition is open for the public for four days and every day there is a different accompanying programme. Therefore, I wanted to […]

  • Graduates exhibition

    Graduates exhibition

  • War Photographers 1914-1918

    War Photographers 1914-1918

    Photographical exhibition at Prague Castle. I was enjoying pneumonia for several weeks now, and it was really a striking experience, since my lungs are even normally functional only for 30%. I also changed my job and therefore I didn’t have enough energy or time to write. It might be better now. I  had visited a […]

  • Baška, Exhibition

    Baška, Exhibition

    For starts I must say that it was very hard for me to pick these photographs. There’s much much more pictures I took in Baška (Krk, Croatia) that I like, however I doubt that anyone would have enough time and energy to look at hundreds of photos. You can find Baška gallery here. That week […]