• Hail at Lipany

    Hail at Lipany

    Not only did a few dozen swordsmen decide to go on a rampage at this year’s Battle of Lipany, but also the weather decided to be crazy. It has begun with really hot summer temperatures, when almost everyone tried to stay in shades and drink a lot of fluids. But that wasn’t enough; exactly when […]

  • Sion castle

    Sion castle

    It should have been the fourteenth Battle for ford, but the nature was against it – a big flood came and everything that surrounds the ford went soggy. The event was cancelled and I thought I will have a free weekend. Well, that was the first impression, about a month ago, but the situation has […]

  • Lipany 1434AD

    Lipany 1434AD

    Next year will be the 580th anniversary of the battle of Lipany, so everyone is expecting that the next year’s reenactment will be much bigger than this year. But even when it isn’t a rounded number it can still be good. All of it, the battle, the historical encampment and everything else was worth visiting. […]

  • The Battle of the Ford 2012

    The Battle of the Ford 2012

    Hussites under Zbořený Kostelec have by now become a tradition, but a vampire under Zbořený Kostelec? That’s a first. Originally I thought I was seeing things because of the terrible heat at the ford, but the photographs are a proof that this year’s battle really contained one vampire. The story of the battle was obviously fictional, […]

  • Battle of Lipany

    Battle of Lipany

    This years’ Battle of Lipany was only the third one. I have not even heard of its first year and last year at that time I enjoyed the pleasures of pneumonia, so this time was my first. It is probably because of the historical importance of this battle, but the organizers do not try to […]