• Zweihander


    This gallery is an experiment – once again I’ve changed the software I’m using for processing photographs. It’s not an easy thing to do, nothing I was really looking forward to, but the need grew over the years as there were more and more reasons to do so. The two biggest reasons were money and […]

  • International Legion 2017

    International Legion 2017

    It’s true; international larpers are coming to the Czech Republic in large quantities. We’re able to run a larp for international audience, and not just one time; that’s how much we are in demand. In this case I’m speaking about the second international run of Legion. There was also another one – the international Relentless […]

  • Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Witchcraft, fate, riches, power… that and more could be found in this Polish larp. I’m sure, I’ve missed a lot – no matter that it was a foreigner-friendly larp, there still were some language barriers. Therefore, I won’t speak much about the game – my photographs should speak instead. Anyway, I’m not saying that the […]

  • Pirates at Bezkrálí

    Pirates at Bezkrálí

    After multiple years Bezkrálíreturned. I’d attended this larp even before it had a name and when it was a just a side project at our New Year’s party. I’ve attended Bezkrálí as a player, NPC, GM and a photographer over the years. Bezkrálí hasn’t had much luck with me as a photographer. It lived thought […]

  • The Battle of the Five Armies

    The Battle of the Five Armies

    It was a very long time between my visit to Battle of the Five Armies 2015 and the last one I’ve visited before. If I remember correctly I was 1999. It would be a very, very long list of things that changed in the meantime, and there is no need for that. But I will […]

  • Azeroth 2016

    Azeroth 2016

    If I told you that I went to photograph Azeroth because of the World of Warcraft movie, I would be lying. But I’m not so sure it’s true for all of the players there, as I believe the movie influenced some of them. After all, I remember how the first Lord of the Rings movie […]

  • Legion: Siberian Story

    Legion: Siberian Story

    The Czech larp Legion has been around for some time now and quite a few people from both the republics have already played it – but this time it was organized for international guests. Yes, there is the second big larp that got organized for English-speaking larpers. Legion is inspired by almost century-old events which […]

  • Death to the Beast

    Death to the Beast

    The first time I’ve heard about the Beast was so long ago, I don’t really remember when it was. I don’t mean the legend of La Bête du Gévaudan; I’m speaking about the larp. It had already been played four times before I visited it with my camera. It was always in collision with something […]

  • Spaghetti western arrives

    Spaghetti western arrives

    Hell on Wheels larp , that’s short for a gun hung low, bad whiskey, sluts, racial intolerance and a tired undertaker. Third iteration of the Hell on Wheels larp is done, there is another group of players roaming this country, who aren’t feeling the reassuring weight of the colt at their waist. There was a […]

  • Hell on Wheels

    Hell on Wheels

    This weekend a western larp Hell on Wheels inspired by a TV show of the same name took place not far from Humpolec. It was like entering a childhood dream about cowboys with all its guns, rifles, whisky, beans, horses, Indians and whores, with the last probably not being a part of a childhood dream – […]