• Bezčasí


    It’s been some time since I published these photos, but at that time I didn’t have any time to write something to accompany them. Now it’s a bit better, but it’s been so long that it’s probably pointless to write something longer, so I’ll only give you the official annotation and the pictures. Once they […]

  • B4V: Echoes of War

    It seems that the Italian larp scene really appreciated my photographs from the Battle for Vilegis’ main event. Organizers of this game sent me a few free tickets for another game from the multiverse Echoes of War. These tickets are for Czech players who want to participate and they are for free. This event will […]

  • Battle for Vilegis

    Battle for Vilegis

    This review was written and Published on the Italian portal GDR for its Mondo Larp section that invited me to the larp to take photographs for them. Vilegis: “From ashes to victory.” I’m using the Radiant camp’s motto not only because that faction gave me the warmest welcome ever but also because it expresses precisely […]

  • The Lord of the Rings

    The Lord of the Rings

    Similarly to the May invitation to photograph the largest Italian larp „Battle for Vilegis“ I received another invitation to photograph Moravian boffer battle „The Lord of the Rings – Battle over the Middle earth“. And I must say – it was really interesting! I didn’t visit any boffer larp since about 2002. The last boffer […]

  • Osada 12

    Osada 12

    A lot has changed since the autumn of 2012 when an unknown deadly virus spread around the globe and killed most of the human population. The few who have survived live in isolated groups. Any contact between these groups and their settlements is managed by few adventurers and mostly the Army of the former Czech […]

  • Mythago for the third time

    Mythago for the third time

    Many years ago, Drak and Mirwen started to organize Camelots, closing the outdoor larps season. Camelots, as could be inferred from the name, were focused on the Arthurian legends and every year was a little different. In 2007, a new king had to be found amongst the dozens of Uther’s bastards, next year, the Picts […]

  • Borograv


    Since September, I haven’t had much time for writing, which should change as of now and a lot of texts for already published pictures should start appearing here. Today’s article is about Borograv, a larp which took place by the end of last summer – so more than three months ago. It was one of […]

  • Geas Burgkon Drugi

    Geas Burgkon Drugi

    The first time I’ve heard about Geas was at this year’s Odraz, and it intrigued me at first sight. I was not (and I am still not) used to the fact that it might be possible for larpers to obtain a whole castle, which is not even in ruins – Zamek Grodziec. The propagation materials […]

  • Obora 2P915

    Obora 2P915

    It’s the year 1992, a time of great changes, but also insecurity. It’s the time of purple nylon suits, fake leather jackets, fluffy lamps, videotapes and also the first time of commerce streaming into Bohemia. The newly re-established Czech Kingdom is flooded by foreigners. Dealers and businessmen rush onto the barren market. But some are […]