• VII. Taverna ball

    VII. Taverna ball

    At least for once I’m writing about something from the present and not about some pictures I’ve published months ago. Today I’ll be writing about the first weekend of February 2013. I was asked to shoot this ball for the fourth time. Basically it’s an event for people who spend their time on the Taverna […]

  • Taverna Ball VI.

    Taverna Ball VI.

    The ball season is once again here and the Taverna Ball too. However, this time was significantly different for me, because there were occasions when I put aside my camera and tried to join to the others. In spite of going through dancing course I have never learned how to dance, but this time I […]

  • Charitable activities and the other ones.

    Charitable activities and the other ones.

    I have spent the last month mostly by fighting the bureaucracy, although I personally didn’t do much of the fighting, since I have long ago become used to hiring specialist for my administrative battles. Ayway, it seems that after a month of overcoming difficulties we have finally won and the register of economic entities has […]

  • The City

    The City

    Extremely bright colours, even worse lighting, a  camera with the lowest possible ISO performance and a thousand other excuses – that’s another way to describe the elements I was fighting while making these pictures of a theater play called The City. In the city there are two worlds blended together, one world full of humans and […]

  • The Fifth Taverna Ball

    The Fifth Taverna Ball

    I hope you will like photos from the fifth Taverna ball. Part of them was made with my ancient Canon 400D and part with a borrowed Canon 5D Mark II. Apparently, I should get some new hardware. The Taverna Ball is an event with a five years tradition. Its origin can be traced to one […]

  • First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

    First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

    At the end of August my classmates Veronika and Dáša invited me for some shooting to Vyšehrad in Prague. The only thing I knew about the photoshoot was, that we’ll shoot some girl. Because I recently saw video tutorial by Zack Arias about shooting with one flash, I decided to try this technique. While it is […]