Finally with a new face

Finally with a new face

It’s my thirty-first birthday today. Maybe I should be evaluating the last year – what went well, what did not. But instead of that I try to add one more thing that might go well. “The new website.” Well, its newness could be argued. I’ve seen the first outline of graphics almost two years ago, so it’s not that new. On the other hand, it has undergone a series of changes, with the last one being yesterday, which might make it new. And while the fact that I’ve been seeing it in various circumstances for years might say it can’t be really new, this is the first time you will see it, and it will be new for you and that’s most important. Finally, I have stopped just talking about the new design and I’m going to show it. There’s a lot of little things to be done yet and I have a lot of stuff to write and tune up, but I have no reason to keep putting it off.

The new website means a great turning point for me; I’ve been putting a lot of things off for “when the new website is done”, and they kept adding up over time.

The most important one is probably the portrait project inspired by the works of Yousuf Karsh. The photographs from this series were gradually published on my Facebook page and more will keep appearing there as they are created, but this is the first time that they appear on my website.

I’ve admired Karsh’s portraits for many years and it has long been my goal (and it still is) to produce as impressive pictures as he did. And I’ve been trying to do that for the last 9 months – studying his work, learning to work in a studio, to work with lighting and with models. I know I’ll never be able to shoot what he did; I don’t have a large-format camera, my models are not famous (at least not yet), I use digital; but that’s not my goal. What I want is to achieve as great emotional effect in my works as he did in his, not to copy him blindly. Karsh’s work is my inspiration, not my stencil.

Apart from that, I’m also going to start writing articles for the site regularly once again.

I’ll finish and publish the unfinished series of photos that gather dust on the HDD of my computer.

And much more, I’ve been resting and making excuses on account of the unfinished ugly website for too long a time. This is the turning point I’ve been referring to all the time, and I’m out of excuses.

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