• Surviving Months Without a Keyboard

    Surviving Months Without a Keyboard

    Have you ever considered what would happen if you couldn’t use a keyboard for several months?

  • My photography backup strategy

    My photography backup strategy

    Over the years, I’ve promised to describe my digital photography backup strategy to you multiple times. I wrote this article a few times in the past but have yet to publish it, as I’ve ironically lost it numerous times. But I always kept my photographs. Well, that is, if we don’t count the moment the […]

  • Do you remember Ultima Online?

    Do you remember Ultima Online?

    It has already been twenty-five years since we could go to Sosaria together. It was pretty new to play with other people in a graphical game. Ultima Online wasn’t the first online MMORPG (although now it’s assumed the term came with this game). But I do believe it was the best one. Why do I […]

  • Learn from my mistakes!

    Learn from my mistakes!

    You might have heard that you should not do any IT maintenance while drunk, but what they never tell you is – do not try to fix your computer while having a fever! Below is a lot of techno jargon – so be warned! I did it in the past, outcomes were terrible. Did I […]

  • Reinventing this site

    Reinventing this site

    This website has existed for more than thirteen years. It was always focusing on photography. But it was obvious that I’m not focusing on photography as much as I did before. Or maybe I still do, but I’m rarely publishing anything nowadays. The truth is, I still take pictures, but fewer of them, primarily just […]

  • Zweihander


    This gallery is an experiment – once again I’ve changed the software I’m using for processing photographs. It’s not an easy thing to do, nothing I was really looking forward to, but the need grew over the years as there were more and more reasons to do so. The two biggest reasons were money and […]

  • Compagnia di Farabutti

    Compagnia di Farabutti

    In the first half of may, I had a great opportunity to shoot pictures over the span of three days at the teambuilding event of the Compagnia di Farabutti, a Polish battle larping team. While the weather itself was not the warmest for the first two days, on the final day, the day of the […]

  • The last battle of Libušín

    The last battle of Libušín

    It was here for a very long time; for twenty eight years. Out of these twenty eight, I’ve witnessed it seven times (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and finally 2019). It must be said it has a permanent place in my memory, and not only in mine: there are many others. However, all traditions […]

  • Photo painting for review

    Photo painting for review

    This will be a different type of post. It didn’t start with me taking pictures; it started with an advertisement. Facebook was offering me a photo painting for review. My first idea was that I would get a nice gift for someone; the second was that I’d find a new manufacturer of large prints that […]

  • Cathar hunting

    Cathar hunting

    At the time I released the pictures of the spring iteration of Albigenští I had a lot of plans on what to publish here. From all of those plans only the new redesign of this site (Jarda Fišer is responsible for that) and one third of the missing translations to English came to fruition. But you aren’t […]