First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

At the end of August my classmates Veronika and Dáša invited me for some shooting to Vyšehrad in Prague. The only thing I knew about the photoshoot was, that we’ll shoot some girl. Because I recently saw video tutorial by Zack Arias about shooting with one flash, I decided to try this technique.

While it is obvious that I didn’t master this technique completely, I am really pleased with the outcome, and I definitely intend to use it more often and master it. And our model Petra has definitely her share on the results. You can see the resulting photographes from my OneLight shooting with Petra here.

I read somewhere, that poor is the one who has nothing to give. Almost a year ago Alžbětka proposed that I should donate one of my photographaphs to the next Taverna to others event. Taverna to others is a charity collection for Pomocné tlapky (Helping Paws) Foundation. So it wouldn’t be „just“ a collection, but each donor would take something home, the whole event is designed like an auction. Items being auctioned are mostly donations from creative individuals around the community server Taverna.However, there are also some optimists, who give something, without being a part of the community, like me. I was really glad that I also contributed to raising funds for a dog intended to help the disabled.

The auction was certainly not the only activity of the afternoon, there was also some music performance, mime, dance performances and theatrical portrayal of the foundation of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio in some alternate reality.