Larpweekend 7 – Star

Larpweekend 7 – Star

This is a fragment of an article from old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website.

For me, this year’s Larpvíkend was the biggest LARPing (live action role-playing game) event ever. Players came from Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Norway and that is only those I met.

About 70 games were played on five locations in Brno from Friday to Sunday evening. It should be obvious that it wasn’t possible to take pictures of all games in one person, not even two or three.

Court of Moravia, organizer of this event, assessed a few of them visually interesting and these were picked for photography documentation. I started with theatrical El dia de Santiago with it’s dense atmosphere; continued with Hollywood Star, then caught a few snapshots on 1789; a quick transfer to another location brought me to hungarian Fairy Tales. Sunday morning witnessed the meeting of MASH veterans and in the evening everything ended with supervillains on Evillians.

The center point of the whole weekend was Kavárna Kunštátská Trojka– some of the games took place in it’s cellars and socializing was happening at the bar and in the gallery – providing enough space for meeting, getting acquainted with each other and talking about games.

At least part of the atmosphere is captured in these photographes from 7th Larpweekend which took place last week in Brno.

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