• Hail at Lipany

    Hail at Lipany

    Not only did a few dozen swordsmen decide to go on a rampage at this year’s Battle of Lipany, but also the weather decided to be crazy. It has begun with really hot summer temperatures, when almost everyone tried to stay in shades and drink a lot of fluids. But that wasn’t enough; exactly when […]

  • Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Towards the end of 2014 I found out that there is a photography exhibition in London called Drawn by Light based on The Royal Photographic Societycollection. Considering what I knew of the collection’s content, I just needed to see it, I simply couldn’t resist. So I tried to ask around to find someone who is […]

  • Azeroth 2016

    Azeroth 2016

    If I told you that I went to photograph Azeroth because of the World of Warcraft movie, I would be lying. But I’m not so sure it’s true for all of the players there, as I believe the movie influenced some of them. After all, I remember how the first Lord of the Rings movie […]

  • Twilight of the Gods, part one

    Twilight of the Gods, part one

    The first part of the Changeling larp Twilight of the Gods (Soumrak bohů) took place just a few days ago at a castle in Rosice. The second part (big finish) will be taking place this weekend, but as I’ll be on be on Azeroth (World of Warcraft larp), documenting that part will be someone else’s […]

  • Twenty-fifth Battle of Libušín

    Twenty-fifth Battle of Libušín

    A quarter of a century is a long time. An annual event that lasts for that long is probably worth it; and I dare to say it is indeed true. The twenty-fifth Battle of Libušín was worth it. I’ve seen the last five of them and I believe this one was not only the biggest […]

  • The Last Voyage of the Demeter

    The Last Voyage of the Demeter

    And again I’ve managed to be a photographer at a blockbuster larp abroad. But this time it wasn’t in Poland (like Geas and Fairweather Manor), but at the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Denmark and Germany. I’ve heard about Demeter at the Danish Knudepunkt 2015 for the first time. The only things I managed to remember was […]

  • The Eighth Metroplex

    The Eighth Metroplex

    I was thrilled when I heard that Petrius was making another World after the fall (Svět po pádu) – that was a year ago. I had no idea what to expect from the festival format, but still, I couldn’t wait. And when it happened, we all knew that a postapo festival was something we had […]

  • Legion: Siberian Story

    Legion: Siberian Story

    The Czech larp Legion has been around for some time now and quite a few people from both the republics have already played it – but this time it was organized for international guests. Yes, there is the second big larp that got organized for English-speaking larpers. Legion is inspired by almost century-old events which […]

  • Help from the Heavens

    Help from the Heavens

    Neither the game nor the photos from it serve to promote any movement that aims to suppress human rights and freedoms; on the contrary, its goal is to raise social awareness and make a moral appeal.. I’ve made the first photographs of this year during a weekend in Jeseníky, but these are the first pictures […]

  • Quartet


    I shot four larps within the chamber larp festival “HRAJ LARP” a month ago. Processing of the results took me a month as opposed to the usual week… well, shit happens, sometimes in much larger quantities than one would expect to be possible. And I actually even didn’t want to go there and shoot it, […]