• Fairweather Manor

    Fairweather Manor

    These might be the most anticipated photographs I’ve created this year. And unfortunately also ones with the longest delivery time – but that wasn’t intentional. There was not enough time and I didn’t want to hurry my work at the cost of losing quality. Also, my visit to Paris Photo exhibition during the Paris terror […]

  • Střepiny


    Virtual super-intelligence used to take care for the galaxy. But once it disappeared, the universe started to whither. At first, the system of interstellar gates failed and then the planets themselves started to suffer – those that were dependent on supplies from the outside most. Navarra is one of these planets, and that’s where the […]

  • Odraz 2012

    Odraz 2012

    The travelling larp conference Odraz, organized by the Moravian LARP association, took place between March and April in Blansko, this time with subtitle “Take off, while you still can”. The whole event was accompanied by a line of apocalyptic news from NASA and various world media, concerning the end of the world (the Mayas skipped […]

  • Mythago for the second time

    Mythago for the second time

    For me, this year wasn’t good for larping and Mythago was my first LARP this year, not counting the Prague Larpweekend. And it’s only my and my calendar’s fault. I don’t remember last time that I’d have so many colliding events and when we add the pneumonia, which prevented me from going to Bezkrálí… but […]

  • Too many things, too little time

    Too many things, too little time

    I can’t catch up, I can’t manage, it already should have been done – I’m talking about a small photo book in which I would like to show how LARP looks in the Czech Republic. Originally, it’s a school assignment which slightly exceeded the limits of the original intention and gained the delay. Moreover, I need […]

  • Odraz 2.11

    Odraz 2.11

    Odraz is an annual conference with four years’ tradition which took place in Horní Bradlo from the 15th to the 17th of April. The space for the conference was granted by a sport facility in a lost area with almost no cell phone signal and public transport – the bus goes there about three times […]

  • Svět po pádu 4

    Svět po pádu 4

    This article doesn’t belong to the usual ones. It’s here purely for documentation reasons of the attached old photographs. In this case it’s about my first postapocalyptic larp Svět po pádu, that took place in the year 2010.

  • NeCamelot – Mythago

    NeCamelot – Mythago

    Once upon a time, there was magical forest. And through this magical forest went a wanderer. From this wanderer’s subconscious forest got knowledge of many myths and with it’s might it summons those mythic heroes to being. How else can Dracula meet Merlin, or Xena Joanne of Ark? These kinds of meetings were central to […]

  • Summer Bezkrálí 2010

    Summer Bezkrálí 2010

    Few pictures from the summer LARP Bezkrálí­ – The Game of Queens, where I was mainly as an organizer and therefore didn’t have much time to take pictures.