• Zweihander


    This gallery is an experiment – once again I’ve changed the software I’m using for processing photographs. It’s not an easy thing to do, nothing I was really looking forward to, but the need grew over the years as there were more and more reasons to do so. The two biggest reasons were money and […]

  • Compagnia di Farabutti

    Compagnia di Farabutti

    In the first half of may, I had a great opportunity to shoot pictures over the span of three days at the teambuilding event of the Compagnia di Farabutti, a Polish battle larping team. While the weather itself was not the warmest for the first two days, on the final day, the day of the […]

  • Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

    Witchcraft, fate, riches, power… that and more could be found in this Polish larp. I’m sure, I’ve missed a lot – no matter that it was a foreigner-friendly larp, there still were some language barriers. Therefore, I won’t speak much about the game – my photographs should speak instead. Anyway, I’m not saying that the […]

  • Gdansk


    I‘m trying to take care of the backlog (even more with English version of the texts). Last year I’ve been on a week-long business trip in Polish Gdansk.I only managed to take a couple pictured, but it took me more than a year to process and publish them. I was sort of forced to process […]

  • Fairweather Manor

    Fairweather Manor

    These might be the most anticipated photographs I’ve created this year. And unfortunately also ones with the longest delivery time – but that wasn’t intentional. There was not enough time and I didn’t want to hurry my work at the cost of losing quality. Also, my visit to Paris Photo exhibition during the Paris terror […]

  • Geas Burgkon Drugi

    Geas Burgkon Drugi

    The first time I’ve heard about Geas was at this year’s Odraz, and it intrigued me at first sight. I was not (and I am still not) used to the fact that it might be possible for larpers to obtain a whole castle, which is not even in ruins – Zamek Grodziec. The propagation materials […]