Yet another unending Venezuelan soap opera. you don’t need to see. But you want to be a part of it.

Pepé and José are preparing their next soap opera and you can be the star. Your challenge isn’t just to play a a character (or more of them) in the soap, you will also play the actor who is acting in the opera. Both the actors and their roles are important, both have their own problems, starting with ratings and really complicated family relations. In any case, this larp is full of laughter and tears. Well, sometimes you’ll be crying with laughter – mostly in the tragic scenes.

There are more people behind this new endeavour of Pepé, José and the actors, there’s also Life himself – a poor orphan, who gets one burger for every episode he writes and the actors play. It might be his hunger which motivates him to write screenplays that are so stunning and so full of twists.

It was really complicated to shoot this larp, mainly because I couldn’t laugh – all the pictures would be blurred. Because they were recording two or three scenes at once, it was really hard to see and capture it all, I was just running between multiple studios while trying to get the most interesting moments. There was one studio for each family (rich Lanz family and poor Pereira) and a special location with a small pond, where most of the love scenes took place.

The published pictures are basically from a “making of” documentary, there is no postproduction or CGI like there was in the final TV show.

This larp was presented under the HRAJ LARP, initiative, but this time without the support from the O2 foundation.

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