Oh that memory… When I’ve agreed to take pictures of this larp I didn’t remember I’ve already shot it once, last May at the Third Mini-festival of Chamber Larps. But when I’ve arrived to the location I was already thinking of how to present the game from a different point of view than last time. Sure, it was at a different location (photographic studio), with different players, but that wasn’t enough.
In the end, I’ve noticed that in the game underwent a significant overhaul and that everything feels different. It was still about the Choir (no, nobody was forced to sing) and about the relationships between the choir members, but it was a different game.
And now to the official annotation:
Each of us has their own desires and goals, each of us is unique and interesting in some way, but it is the singing that brings us together and molds us into one being. Our choir is mostly about strong friendship, trust and, last but not least, the singing and maintaining a good name of the whole body. But what will happen when love and intrigues come into play? Will the friendship survive? Will it endanger the functioning of the whole choir? Come and play a larp from the choir environment, in which we don’t sing at all.

Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]Triangl [larp]

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