4th Prague Larpweekend – Moon

4th Prague Larpweekend – Moon

This is a fragment of an article from old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website.

The 4th Prague Larpweekend took place last weekend, surprisingly in Prague, and it is organized by Prague by Night. This event is inspired by a similar event called Larpweekend organized by Court of Moravia and you can look at my photographies from the 7th Larpweekend in my gallery. The Prague Larpweekend is rather smaller than it’s predecessor from Brno both in the number of attendants and in the number of the larps. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s less fun for its attendants. The players could enjoy about twenty larps which took place from Friday to Sunday evening. Knowing about other photographers and due to the fact that I have already photographed some of the occurring larps I photographed three of them: Moon, Šotčín and School.

The setting of Moon is very similar to the Firefly series – a space western. Mankind has already left Earth and now they colonize other planets, often terraformed, they live as farmers with packs of cows. Sometimes there are some adventures with their energetic guns in their hands. The space is controlled by the Alliance and opposite the Independents. Moon, where this larp is taking place, stands somewhere between these two forces and it has its own worries and problems. The players’ characters are more or less friends with the local governor and they meet in his office, where they are trying to solve both their personal and colony’s problems. I liked this game very much and I’m hoping that I’ll play it someday.

Prague larpweekend certainly doesn’t fall behind Brno’s larpweekend in its standard, although it’s smaller. And from what I know, they are looking for some more space to expand to for next year, so they can please a wider audience.

If you are looking for someone at the photos and you can’t find him try the gallery of Emil Emilovic, he might have had better luck, he photographed Derniera and Odznak.

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