Craft and Vision for the first time

Craft & Vision is a project and a web from David duChemin, production – I have already written about two of his books „Within the Frame“ and „Visionmongers.“ Craft & Vision is also the place where the eBooks written by David and other authors are sold. These eBooks have something between twenty and forty pages and they cost 5$ each. As to the price, David once said: “it’s cheaper than Starbucks coffee, it lasts longer and you can even use it repeatedly.” I’m not sure where his quote ends and mine starts, for quite some time now, but I think it describes the price of these eBooks really well.

I’m not a reviewer, but when I’m interested by something and I think it could also interest someone else I want to share it. I read two of these eBooks so far and I think that both of them are worth mentioning. From time to time I use one of discounts Craft & Vision have, last time I bought twelve books for 3$ each and it certainly was a good investment.
Growing the Visionmonger – Corwin Hiebert
Growing the Visionmonger – Corwin Hiebert

If I had to summarize the entire book to three words, it’d be “Best Business Practise”. But I think it deserves more than three words regardless of its briefness. Corwin works as a manager for a few photographers, David duChemin amongst them – that means this eBook isn’t about photography as much as it is about things that run next to the photographic process. Unusually, the book isn’t full of pictures, it’s rather a list of activities and processes  which you need to think about when you’re conducting your photographic profession. From legal stuff over negotiations with clients to marketing. Corwin also gives you a few links to internet applications, which should help you with these activities.

Close to Home – Stuart Sipahigil Close to Home – Stuart Sipahigil


I had to admit, that its name is as descriptive as it can be. I got this opinion when I was reading this book and I kept it even when I had finished it. It presents the view that I do not have to go to another side of Europe or even another end of the world to create an interesting photograph. On the contrary, that the most interesting photographs can be created close to home – that I already know. It isn’t necessary to fly to India to shoot lients to marketing. Corwin also gives you a few links to internet applications, which should help you with these activities. Taj Mahal to create an interesting photo. Even a bad picture of Taj Mahal will be exotic here , just as a bad picture of Karlštejn will be exotic for an Indian who lives in the shadow of Taj Mahal. Stuart writes about the interesting photograph you can take in your backyard, just when you get rid of your daily views and look around with fresh eyes. Well he wrote about other things also, but this one in particular got stuck in my memory. And of course, you’re accompanied by Stuart’s photographs (from his backyard) through the whole book.