Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

About two months ago, Creative Live organized free on-line course with David duChemin as the teacher. Actually, they organize much more free on-line courses, with other amazing teachers, for example Zack Arias or Jasmine Star; they don’t limit themselves to photography, they are interested in all areas of creativity. And I can recommend this and every other seminar from Creative Live I saw.

However, the reason why I write this article about David duChemin and this seminar is very simple. During this seminar I won three David’s books (two of them were already on my wish list) and a Think Tank modular system something…

I’ve already read one of these books – “VisionMongers”. The whole book is very descriptive and you can understand everything you read very well. There is no secret code, just lots of information. Undeniable, acquired in long time, and nicely sorted to logical sections. And someone (David) surely gave them some thought.

And I must say that this book opened my eyes in many ways. I have never thought about self promoting and management this way. David didn’t write about faerie dust or some magic button which helps you to make the best shots, but he wrote about marketing, management and behavior on the market. This book made me to rethink few things about my business and explain few other things from my past.

I can recommend this book to everyone who is interested in becoming a professional photographer. This surely wasn’t the last time I have read it, I’d say that in about half a year I’ll read it once more and check what I had missed and what had helped me.

Now I’m looking forward to the second book “Within the Frame” from David, and also a part of my winning from Creative Live on-line course.

Unfortunately I forgot to ask David to write me some inscription.

ThinkTank gave me really a lot of bags, actually more than you can put on belt. That isn’t a problem, of course, you just have much more to choose from. A little problem was the belt in size M (I’m little thicker), but nothing I couldn’t fix. In whole this modular system is interesting, but ever since I got it, I had only two opportunities to use it and therefore I can’t adequately evaluate it so far. At this point my back is happier than when I carried everything in a bag.