Fragments from the Larpweekend – Exodus

Fragments from the Larpweekend – Exodus

This is a fragment of an article from old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website.

Though the Prague Larpweekend took place in the first half of April, I unfortunately did not have time to process the photographs till now. It is no consistent, let alone comprehensive reportage, only snapshots from several hosted larps.

As usual, also the fifth year was organized by the Prague by Night association and once again it was in the Children and Youth Centre Spirála. Although this is a place suitable for larps, it’s really bad for photographing, whether it is because there is always something in the way and obscuring the view, or because it is either too dark or too much light.

Exodus – a nice conversational larp set in a control centre of a colonising spaceship. After a certain accident during the ship’s journey through space, the control system wakes up five future teachers of the people, and faces them with a difficult choice.

Exodus [larp]Exodus [larp]Exodus [larp]Exodus [larp]