International Legion 2017

International Legion 2017

It’s true; international larpers are coming to the Czech Republic in large quantities. We’re able to run a larp for international audience, and not just one time; that’s how much we are in demand. In this case I’m speaking about the second international run of Legion. There was also another one – the international Relentless run a week later.

I don’t have any official information about how many more players are waiting for the opportunity to live through our Siberian trip, but I know there are still more that do want to come here.

To be honest, I’ve never seen a Czech run of Legion, so I really can’t compare the Czech and international runs – but I am sure there are differences; every culture has some customs when it comes to larping and that makes a difference for the game. Moreover, I can’t even fully compare the two international runs I have attended. I injured my foot (I decided to save my camera instead of my foot) this time and I wasn’t able to finish the walk on foot. But still, from what I’ve seen and heard it was a good experience.

Usually there are two photographers on Legion; this time there was three of us, so it wasn’t such catastrophe that I wasn’t walking with the players.

Since my fall, I was moving by car, but that meant another problem: As the temperature was above zero during the day, everything started melting. Later after the dusk, the temperature went below zero and everything turned into slippery ice. And after the first car accident the organizers limited all driving to a necessary minimum.

I must admit that this article is late, later than the pictures and it’s my fault. I’ve finished the pictures before I left for Knutepunkt and the players had one week to opt out. In the meantime I was walking around various museums in Oslo and didn’t get to write, up until now.

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