HRAJ LARP 2014  in pictures – The Followers

HRAJ LARP 2014  in pictures – The Followers

This is a fragment of an article from the old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website.

The year 2014 is ending and I bring you photos from two more larps hosted by HRAJ LARP: The Operating System and The Followers. Both of them ran in December and thus joined many other larps that I documented this year for HRAJ LARP.

The Followers – The investigation group had a lot of work lately. A series of murders happened in a very short time, the perpetrator unknown, and they don’t have any clear connection. We start at a Prague police station, however the crime scene and the next response call are not that far ahead. Will you be able to prevent another murder and expose the responsibe party?

This year I haven’t photographed as many games as in 2013, but there were a few: Cesta do Isoly, Choice, Triangl, Příběhy hříchu, Sanatorium and Don Juan.

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