• Bretagne II.

    Bretagne II.

    I have already written about my frantic trip to Bretagne. Today it’ll be about my Bretagne visit itself. I was very thankful for my guide Boru, not only because my French or Breton are not worth a damn. She is from Prague and she is currently studying in Rennes. I arrived to Rennes shortly before […]

  • Bretagne

    I’ve been paying less attention to this site for some time. I was writing my final paper for the Prague Photography School and it took almost all of my time. I used all the time I was able to save upto shoot the Taverna Ball, and only the eagerly waiting audience made me do the […]

  • The frantic trip

    The frantic trip

    When I was planning my trip to Bretagne, I saw it as a pleasant trip without any hurry. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I imagined that 70 minutes for the transfer between the airplane and TGV would be a sufficient amount of time. Well, I was warned that according to some Internet […]

  • Tidying up – PostApocalypse

    Tidying up – PostApocalypse

    This is a fragment of an article from old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website. The new year’s here, it’s time to clean up after the old one. Even on the website. I was hoping that in the new year, I’d have a (finally) new website design, but unfortunately I do […]

  • Best of 2010

    Best of 2010

    At first, I was thinking about not writing any article this week. Originally, I thought that I would not write anything because of the Chrismas spirit and I’d let you enjoy your peace. But then, even I was looking for some new information, to evade all the Christmas stuff. And under this influence I decide to […]

  • Jeseníky


    My healt insurance company decided, that it’ll be cheaper to send me to Spa for one month, rather than pay for standard medication, and so they send me to Priessnitz Therapeutical Spa in Jeseník. It seemed like the ideal opportunity for lots of trips and walks in autumn mountains. However, the reality was a bit […]

  • Back from Croatia

    Back from Croatia

    I have just come back from Croatia, it was amazing. Old cities, mountains, sea, blue with gold sparkles. Simply a beautiful place. Now I have to repack my luggage and prepare for one month in Priessnitz Spa and Health Centre in Jeseník. Therefore I have no time to waste, I’ll just put some photographs here […]

  • Hrádek u Nechanic

    Hrádek u Nechanic

    From short visit to a friend at the fairytales castle Hrádek u Nechanic.

  • Historical photography techniques

    Historical photography techniques

    Some examples of my work on Historic Techniquest such as cyanotype, Vandyke, but also by platinum palladium print – all created in the Workshops in Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media.