• Gdansk


    I‘m trying to take care of the backlog (even more with English version of the texts). Last year I’ve been on a week-long business trip in Polish Gdansk.I only managed to take a couple pictured, but it took me more than a year to process and publish them. I was sort of forced to process […]

  • Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

    Towards the end of 2014 I found out that there is a photography exhibition in London called Drawn by Light based on The Royal Photographic Societycollection. Considering what I knew of the collection’s content, I just needed to see it, I simply couldn’t resist. So I tried to ask around to find someone who is […]

  • Photo Paris 2013

    Photo Paris 2013

    It isn’t even a month since I visited Rome and I’ve gone to Paris. I was walking around Paris with a cane – I’d managed to hurt my ankle in Rome, and while it was getting better, it’s better safe than sorry. This time I took a plane, because it’s cheaper when you’re travelling alone […]

  • French Riviera

    French Riviera

    I’ve visited southern France in the second half of august basically by coincidence – I was there on a business trip. My new employer send me to La Ciotat for one week of training. La Ciotat is a small town, where the Lumiere brothers invented moving pictures. Even though this trip wasn’t focused on photography, […]

  • Paris Photo

    Paris Photo

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve visited Paris Photo for the second time, and I’m preparing to visit it again. This prompted me to finally publish some photographs I’ve taken on the last visit. Considering the price of the airplane ticket I must ask – is there anyone else willing to go along? Car […]

  • Long weekend in Scotland

    Long weekend in Scotland

    This article is accompanied by pictures stylized as Polaroid, which I think look interesting and are a fitting match for the topic of travelling. I used the FXCamera app to take them, since dragging a real Polaroid camera around just for these moments was a bit too much, especially when my smartphone is quite good […]

  • Vienna


    Since the New Year I obviously neglect this site, at least concerning my visible actions. But on the field of the now invisible one it is completely different, all of my care is devoted to the preparation of a new design. It is already partially done and we are more or less only dealing with […]

  • Paris Photo

    Paris Photo

    I have already thought about visiting Paris Photo, but when the French officialy announced the date of this year’s event, it was inevitable. I couldn’t resist so I decided to go there. The exhibition is open for the public for four days and every day there is a different accompanying programme. Therefore, I wanted to […]

  • London


    I’m only the author of the pictures in this article, the text was created by my better half, who is more suited for writing. London. The city, in which you spend two weeks and still don’t see all there is to see at least in one city quarter. The city, in which you can make […]

  • Archive III.

    Archive III.

    When I was looking for some photos from Netherlands , I realized, that there aren’t any and therefore this article once again comes from my archive. This should have been a relaxed trip to the Netherlands and mainly Amsterdam in the early summer of 2009. The first part of driving through Germany was quite alright, […]