• Finally with a new face

    Finally with a new face

    It’s my thirty-first birthday today. Maybe I should be evaluating the last year – what went well, what did not. But instead of that I try to add one more thing that might go well. “The new website.” Well, its newness could be argued. I’ve seen the first outline of graphics almost two years ago, […]

  • Menagerie


    A few of my friends lost their pets during the last month. I knew many of them for some time and captured them on various occasions; therefore, I decided to create a small gallery dedicated to pets around me, both the living and the dead. Photographs that portray the dead are marked by a black […]

  • Tidying up – PostApocalypse

    Tidying up – PostApocalypse

    This is a fragment of an article from old blog. It was modified during the transformation of this website. The new year’s here, it’s time to clean up after the old one. Even on the website. I was hoping that in the new year, I’d have a (finally) new website design, but unfortunately I do […]

  • Best of 2010

    Best of 2010

    At first, I was thinking about not writing any article this week. Originally, I thought that I would not write anything because of the Chrismas spirit and I’d let you enjoy your peace. But then, even I was looking for some new information, to evade all the Christmas stuff. And under this influence I decide to […]

  • The consequences of the school studio

    The consequences of the school studio

    It was the beginning of the last school year and we had a first school studio session. None of my schoolmates including me had any idea what to expect – but it definitely was no model. Neither our teacher nor our school attempted to provide any or at least inform us that we should have […]

  • First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

    First OneLight shooting and Taverna to others

    At the end of August my classmates Veronika and Dáša invited me for some shooting to Vyšehrad in Prague. The only thing I knew about the photoshoot was, that we’ll shoot some girl. Because I recently saw video tutorial by Zack Arias about shooting with one flash, I decided to try this technique. While it is […]