• Zweihander


    This gallery is an experiment – once again I’ve changed the software I’m using for processing photographs. It’s not an easy thing to do, nothing I was really looking forward to, but the need grew over the years as there were more and more reasons to do so. The two biggest reasons were money and […]

  • Photo painting for review

    Photo painting for review

    This will be a different type of post. It didn’t start with me taking pictures; it started with an advertisement. Facebook was offering me a photo painting for review. My first idea was that I would get a nice gift for someone; the second was that I’d find a new manufacturer of large prints that […]

  • Death to the Beast

    Death to the Beast

    The first time I’ve heard about the Beast was so long ago, I don’t really remember when it was. I don’t mean the legend of La Bête du Gévaudan; I’m speaking about the larp. It had already been played four times before I visited it with my camera. It was always in collision with something […]

  • Lipany 1434AD

    Lipany 1434AD

    Next year will be the 580th anniversary of the battle of Lipany, so everyone is expecting that the next year’s reenactment will be much bigger than this year. But even when it isn’t a rounded number it can still be good. All of it, the battle, the historical encampment and everything else was worth visiting. […]

  • Taverna Ball VI.

    Taverna Ball VI.

    The ball season is once again here and the Taverna Ball too. However, this time was significantly different for me, because there were occasions when I put aside my camera and tried to join to the others. In spite of going through dancing course I have never learned how to dance, but this time I […]

  • R.I.P. Václav Havel

    He died on Sunday 18th December 2011 at 10:15. (5 October 1936 – 18 December 2011) Day after, just before eight o’clock on Wenceslas squre. As a farewell act thousands od people light a candle on this place.

  • Charitable activities and the other ones.

    Charitable activities and the other ones.

    I have spent the last month mostly by fighting the bureaucracy, although I personally didn’t do much of the fighting, since I have long ago become used to hiring specialist for my administrative battles. Ayway, it seems that after a month of overcoming difficulties we have finally won and the register of economic entities has […]

  • Craft and Vision for the second time

    EBooks that aren’t in Czech republic – that’s how you can describe the publication I’m writing about. If I went to any local bookstore looking for photography books, I would not be able but to wonder if everyone want only books like Tutorial to Wedding photography, Street photography in ten easy steps, Mastering time, aperture […]

  • Craft and Vision for the first time

    Craft & Vision is a project and a web from David duChemin, production – I have already written about two of his books „Within the Frame“ and „Visionmongers.“ Craft & Vision is also the place where the eBooks written by David and other authors are sold. These eBooks have something between twenty and forty pages and […]

  • Graduates exhibition

    Graduates exhibition