• Photo painting for review

    Photo painting for review

    This will be a different type of post. It didn’t start with me taking pictures; it started with an advertisement. Facebook was offering me a photo painting for review. My first idea was that I would get a nice gift for someone; the second was that I’d find a new manufacturer of large prints that […]

  • Photo Paris 2013

    Photo Paris 2013

    It isn’t even a month since I visited Rome and I’ve gone to Paris. I was walking around Paris with a cane – I’d managed to hurt my ankle in Rome, and while it was getting better, it’s better safe than sorry. This time I took a plane, because it’s cheaper when you’re travelling alone […]

  • Paris Photo

    Paris Photo

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve visited Paris Photo for the second time, and I’m preparing to visit it again. This prompted me to finally publish some photographs I’ve taken on the last visit. Considering the price of the airplane ticket I must ask – is there anyone else willing to go along? Car […]

  • Craft and Vision for the second time

    EBooks that aren’t in Czech republic – that’s how you can describe the publication I’m writing about. If I went to any local bookstore looking for photography books, I would not be able but to wonder if everyone want only books like Tutorial to Wedding photography, Street photography in ten easy steps, Mastering time, aperture […]

  • Craft and Vision for the first time

    Craft & Vision is a project and a web from David duChemin, production – I have already written about two of his books „Within the Frame“ and „Visionmongers.“ Craft & Vision is also the place where the eBooks written by David and other authors are sold. These eBooks have something between twenty and forty pages and […]

  • War Photographers 1914-1918

    War Photographers 1914-1918

    Photographical exhibition at Prague Castle. I was enjoying pneumonia for several weeks now, and it was really a striking experience, since my lungs are even normally functional only for 30%. I also changed my job and therefore I didn’t have enough energy or time to write. It might be better now. I  had visited a […]

  • Within the Frame

    Today, I am going to write not only about the photographs, but also about the ways to photography. David duChemin is a man representing one particular photographic way which he introduces in his workshops and his books. I plan to write about his first book,  Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, which has […]

  • Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

    Creative Live, David duChemin, Think Tank

    About two months ago, Creative Live organized free on-line course with David duChemin as the teacher. Actually, they organize much more free on-line courses, with other amazing teachers, for example Zack Arias or Jasmine Star; they don’t limit themselves to photography, they are interested in all areas of creativity. And I can recommend this and […]